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ZIOH is Charles Washington's home page for a healthy restricted carbohydrate lifestyle. From this site you can read valuable information that could very well save your life if not improve it greatly. Vilhjalmur Stefansson and others raised the argument in the 1920s that carbohydrates were responsible for the poor health and poor teeth of Western man. Since then, some Nobel-winning scientists have demonstrated through their research that obesity and overweight are only symptoms of the metabolic disorder which causes chronic disease. Controlling insulin is the key to stopping the progress of premature aging and chronic disease. Come join us to learn more.

ZIOH is a not-for-profit collection of my activities to get the word out and revive the arguments made so long ago. My activities and this web site are supported by the freewill donations of people who have benefited from this lifestyle and who want to support and encourage more work in this area. 

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